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If The Landfill Won’t; It Will Inevitably Go Elsewhere

I  just read an article by Rich Jacobson, on Active Rain, about Hazardous waste (Paint) disposal in Kitsap County.  It appears that they have gotten a clue up north and decided that it made sense to allow people to dispose of HAZMAT at their landfill, rather than what happens here on the backside of Ft. Lewis.

Having spent some time cleaning up the backside of Ft. Lewis in my day, it always infuriated me that Thurston County made the rules (and cost) of disposing hazardous materials such that many people take the low road, and leave a mess for others to clean up…across the county.  Yes, you can currently take it to the landfill, but take your checkbook.

I plan to point out Kitsap County’s “free” turn in to the manager of our landfill, and hope to be pleasantly surprised.   I have been down the road of trying to dispose of a tractor tire (no matter how much I was willing to pay, they wouldn’t take it), and paint (I seem to recall $6.00 per pound).  I even pointed out that some would dump the tire in the woods if we didn’t make things easier…point not taken.  (The tire is now yard art, I plan to leave it to my kids).

If anyone would like to comment or has any insight on this I would love to hear about it; if not, those of us who can afford the landfill (and the headaches) will continue to go there, and everyone else will continue to go to Ft. Lewis, or possibly your back yard.


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