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Selling your home? Expose it to the largest group of local buyers, the Soldiers and Airmen serving at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


Sell your home with with the #1 JBLM

area Real Estate Agent!

Welcome to the Phil Sharp Homes Sellers Toolbox. As part of our "Continued Service," Phil Sharp Homes offers free, no obligation home seller education with helpful tools, tips, articles, and more through various media types. The Home Seller Toolbox was designed to consolidate important home selling information in one location for convenience and ease of navigation. The Home Seller toolbox can help answer your questions: How do I sell my home? Where can I list my home? I'm military and need to sell my home, how can the home owners assistance program help me? How do I get my home on the MLS listing?

Phil Sharp Homes is the #1 online real estate presence catering to the soldiers and airmen and their families of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base (Joint Base Lewis-McChord).                


A decade into the 21st century, it is safe to say that EVERY service member starts their home search online. Our internet exposure guarantees that your home, featured on the home page of our websites, will be viewed by those looking to purchase a home in our area. Gain exposure to our largest group of local buyers...the members of the Armed Forces assigned to JBLM.


View this sample plan that will be customized with specific data and information that pertains to you, your house and your situation when your ready to sell. The plan offers specific information on Phil Sharp Homes experience, background and qualifications, along with the specifics of marketing your property for maximum exposure.

Don't settle for just any plan, get the plan that will get it sold.    


Market Exposure, Phil's got it!

  • Placement on home page of our highly targeted websites.

  • Over 4000 visitors per month...these visits represent people looking specifically in your area, for your product.

  • Listing syndication; expose your listing via our agent handshake agreement with hundreds of local real estate sites.

  • Enhanced listing on; 1st page exposure within your area on the nation's #1 real estate website.

  • Listings posted to numerous real estate search sites and other online resource sites.

  • Direct marketing to inbound location buyers.

  • Unique listing web flyer; your listing on the first page of Google within 72 hours.


If you would like specific advice, whether you are considering selling your home now or in the future, please contact Phil at 360-970-9977.

If you are considering selling, our belief is that there are two critical components to getting your home sold. Price is the number 1 consideration, second is marketing and market exposure. If your home does not receive the widest possible exposure, you may be missing out on potential buyers/showings. For a plan to get your home sold, contact Phil at the number above, or by email


Phil Sharp Homes Marketing Plan


Q: How can Phil Sharp Homes make my home more appealing to buyers?

  • A: As part of our marketing plan, we bring numerous resources to the table. A local and national lender, demonstrating that financing is available. A home inspector to insure that your home is ready for the market, and we warranty your home the day it is listed allowing you to avoid any financial surprises. Additionally, the warranty placed on the home at the time of listing transfers to the buyer for one year of coverage after the sale.

Q: How does Phil Sharp Homes online marketing help sell my home?

  • A: When prospective buyers view your home online or in person, we expose them to materials that demonstrate our comprehensive buyer assistance plans, which Sheppard them thru the entire home buying process and beyond.


Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Listing and selling your home is first and foremost a business decision.   In any important decision, getting the best counsel, and having experience on your side, can make all the difference in the final outcome. No two home sales are alike.  If you choose an inexperienced Realtor, he or she may get taken to the cleaners (with you in tow), by the more knowledgeable agent from down the street.  Make sure you select an agent who maintains a sharp edge on the competition…regular practice and experience  =  stronger skills. So, you gotta’ get a buyer to the table for the previous paragraph to have any bearing on selling your home.  Marketing and market exposure are what brings buyers. 


If the price is right, the presentation is good, and the people who are in the market know your home is for sale…They Will Come! I offer what is arguably the widest exposure to the real estate market available in the Olympia area….and we can prove it!


Market your home to the largest group of  home buyers in the Olympia area…the Soldiers of Ft. Lewis, and the Airmen of McChord AFB (JBLM) There is no question that our marketing to the military, and our commitment to assisting relocating service members, is the best available.  I believe that almost all personnel moving to JBLM start looking for homes online prior to arrival…I challenge you to search for any real estate term related to JBLM or Ft Lewis, you will find one of our real estate web sites on the first page of Google every time. 

​My commitment to each and every customer:   I will provide you with professional, ethical and competent real estate representation.  I will keep you fully informed every step of the way.   I will stand behind my representation of  you, and will make every effort to ensure that your experience is both memorable and satisfying.

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