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What’s happening in Yelm

Yelm Washington was recognized several years ago as the fastest growing small town in the State, with location, location, and location being the reason. Yelm is separated from I-5 by JBLM but can be accessed from post within 20-30 minutes. It is also a pleasant commute (compared to the freeway) from either Lacey or Spanaway, and areas to the north.

Location means that living in Yelm, the commute to cities north and south is about the same and driving I-5 can be avoided. The popularity isn’t just military. Locals commuting from up north like living in communities with rural and military populations. Crime is almost non-existent, the schools are good, and people are friendly.

Location for people living in Yelm means about 20 minutes to downtown Olympia, 30 minutes to

downtown Tacoma (security), and an hour to downtown Seattle. If you are not into the cities, Yelm is the home to a 6-plex cinema, an old-fashioned theater with a stage, Safeway, Walmart, and others…so you don’t need to travel if you don’t want to.

And lastly, location for people living in Yelm means living in what is essentially a small farm town that is growing. The locals are mostly involved in the agriculture business, retired military, Boeing and State Govt employees…etc. The community is very welcoming to military folks, people smile and say hello. They do party on main street sometimes….

If you would like more information on the JBLM and Yelm

WA areas, you can request a relocation packet, or email us with questions thru the contact page. If you are ready to start looking, we have a real person who does that too…

~ Phil


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