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Chambers Bay Bike and Hike Trail

The other day my sister in law called me up to see if I wanted to take the kids on a walk around the Chambers Bay Golf Course (which is hosting the 2015 US Open). Having not been there before I said sure, thinking that we were going for a leisurely walk…boy was I wrong!

This was a HIKE and it was awesome! Such a great workout, but I seriously thought that I wasn’t going to be able to finish, which really isn’t an option! The trail starts up high, has a 300ft drop down to the water and then a 315ft elevation gain! That is a hard enough walk as it is, but I had my two kids with me in the jogging stroller and even though it has wheels, let me tell you, pushing 70lbs up that hill was CRAZY! I couldn’t make it and had to have my sister-in-law take shifts with me (she is in much better shape). By the end of it I was sweating like crazy and it was only 28 degrees outside, what does that tell you!

Endomondo, I burned about 575 calories, totally worth it!

The trail and golf course is about 20 minutes from Ft Lewis/JBLM. There are actually two different routes that you can take. The loop is about 3.25 miles and then there is a smaller loop down at the bottom with no incline that is attached to a dog park. The bridge over the train tracks lead to 1.5 miles of beach walking. There is a nice open area from flying kites or throwing a ball around. There is also a really nice park for the kids to play that is attached to a parking lot so you don’t even have to do the whole walk if you don’t want to.

So, I say, go for the walk, pack a picnic, play on the toys and stay for the afternoon. When the weather is a bit nicer we will also check out the beach.

For a link to the maps of the trails click here.

To see other adventures around the Ft Lewis/JBLM area see the JBLM Relocation Sponsor Facebook page.

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