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Chambers Bay Bike and Hike Trail

The other day my sister in law called me up to see if I wanted to take the kids on a walk around the Chambers Bay Golf Course (which is hosting the 2015 US Open). Having not been there before I said sure, thinking that we were going for a leisurely walk…boy was I wrong!

This was a HIKE and it was awesome! Such a great workout, but I seriously thought that I wasn’t going to be able to finish, which really isn’t an option! The trail starts up high, has a 300ft drop down to the water and then a 315ft elevation gain! That is a hard enough walk as it is, but I had my two kids with me in the jogging stroller and even though it has wheels, let me tell you, pushing 70lbs up that hill was CRAZY! I couldn’t make it and had to have my sister-in-law take shifts with me (she is in much better shape). By the end of it I was sweating like crazy and it was only 28 degrees outside, what does that tell you!

Anyway, aside from it being difficult, it was absolutely beautiful! The trail was nice, wide and paved. The golf course was pretty and busy and the views of the sound were breathtaking! My kids especially enjoyed the bridge and watching the train go by. This is going to be my new spot for a good walk. The trail is a total of 3.25 miles and according to

Endomondo, I burned about 575 calories, totally worth it!

The trail and golf course is about 20 minutes from Ft Lewis/JBLM. There are actually two different routes that you can take. The loop is about 3.25 miles and then there is a smaller loop down at the bottom with no incline that is attached to a dog park. The bridge over the train tracks lead to 1.5 miles of beach walking. There is a nice open area from flying kites or throwing a ball around. There is also a really nice park for the kids to play that is attached to a parking lot so you don’t even have to do the whole walk if you don’t want to.

So, I say, go for the walk, pack a picnic, play on the toys and stay for the afternoon. When the weather is a bit nicer we will also check out the beach.

For a link to the maps of the trails click here.

To see other adventures around the Ft Lewis/JBLM area see the JBLM Relocation Sponsor Facebook page.


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