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Seattle, WA Day Trip

Thinking about making a day trip up to Seattle? Since the travel time from JBLM to Seattle is a little less than an hour, it makes for a great trip! We decided to head up there and celebrate our daughter’s 5th birthday by taking her to lunch at the Space Needle and then headed over to the Pacific Science Center.

To get to the Space Needle (we wanted it to be a surprise) we parked at Westlake Center and then hopped on the monorail for the short trip over to the Needle. On the way there, the kids noticed an awesome park right by EMP so we promised we would check it out after the ‘surprises.’

When we arrived at the Space Needle the kids were super excited!  When we checked in for the restaurant (we had made reservations and let them know it was her birthday). When the elevator doors opened at the top, little miss was greeted by the staff at the desk with a heartfelt happy birthday, it made her feel so special. On our table was a birthday card for her signed by the staff. I was very impressed with all of that! Take a look at my Space Needle Yelp review. The birthday dessert was awesome and the food was pretty good too. The service we received was amazing and incredibly friendly. And the views…amazing! Keep in mind that the menu prices are a bit high, but they do include the ride up. For example, my lamb burger was about $25, which seems high, but I would have paid $22 just to ride up to the observation desk. So really I had a $3 + tip burger, not too bad!!

After lunch, we walked over to the Pacific Science Center. It was pretty much exactly the same as I had remembered it as a kid…I was a little disappointed. I really thought it would have been a little more updated and fun. While the kids did have a pretty good time, I would not suggest this for kids under around 7 or so (ours are 3 and 5). Most of the stuff was over their heads as I explain in my Pacific Science Center Yelp review. We skipped out on the IMAX experience but I would like to take them to that when they get a bit older.

Our final stop was at that park next to EMP. It’s called Artists-at-Play and it is amazing! I wish we would have spent more time here; the kids were having SO MUCH FUN! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous letting them climb up that high the first time, they did great though so I didn’t worry too much after that! They must have climbed up those ropes stairs at least 10 times in the 30 minutes they were there. I really wish this playground was closer to home so I could go more often!

So, that was our day trip to Seattle, and it was a lot of fun. The kids keep asking to go back again! There is still so much for them to explore up there so we will head up again soon. Next time we will hit up more of the Seattle Center and the Seattle Children’s Museum.

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