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Play to Learn – Multiple Locations (JBLM & Tacoma area) FREE!

Train track area

Train track area

Today was so much fun!!! A friend of mine introduced us to something new (Thanks Natalie)! We attended the Play to Learn session at the Lakewood Library! This is a really fun activity put on by the Children’s Museum of Tacoma and it’s completely FREE! It’s for kids ages six and younger and, like I said, SO MUCH FUN! I couldn’t believe all the neat stations they has set up for the kiddos to explore.

They have two different sessions, morning classes from 10-11:30am and afternoon classes from 1:30-3pm. They are all held in various locations around the Lakewood/Tacoma area and they also do a session Wednesdays at JBLM! It was so well organized with play time, clean up time, circle/song time, story time and more play/arts time. I loved that they had stuff for all ages. I went with little man (who will be two next week), there were babies who were around 5-9 months old, all they way up to five and six year olds and they were all staying entertained!

I highly suggest trying out these sessions. It’s a great way for the kids to get some energy out, socialize and learn to follow instructions. You can find out more about the Play to Learn sessions here and take a look at some pictures below…

For more things to do around the JBLM area follow this blog and check out my Facebook page JBLM Relocation Sponsor.


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