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Lacey Spring Fun Fair


Every year in May is the Lacey Spring Fun Fair at St. Martin’s University. I have been attending this event for so long, that I actually used to perform in it back in the day when I was little and doing dance. Now I get the fun of taking my kids here and watching them enjoy all the activities!

Let me tell you, this just gets better and better every year! If you are looking for FREE fun (that’s right, I said FREE), in the Ft. Lewis area, don’t miss this one. All activities at the Lacey Spring Fun Fair are FREE!!!!!!!

Ok…you get my point :o) Every activity is truly free! The only things you have to pay for are food and anything that you would want to buy from the local companies at booths set up around the fair. This year, my son (aka little man) was a winner in the #lsff photo contest! We won an awesome basket provided by St. Martin’s full of stuff my husband loves since he is alumni!

I can’t wait to go again next year!

Too see all the photos that I took, check out my Facebook page, JBLM Relocation Sponsor


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