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Evaluating a New Neighborhood

Top things to consider when picking a house/neighborhood:

Getting around: Proximity to work is important, but make sure you aren’t too far away from other necessities 

  1. Check for easy access to favorite hobbies

  2. Time how long it takes to reach after-school activities during rush hour

  3. Note any significant changes to traffic patterns…rush hour/weekends

Community associations and HOAs: If the neighborhood has a community association or homeowners association (HOA), check the rules first.

  1. Get a copy of the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs)

  2. Check to see if there are monthly/yearly dues

  3. Make sure you are 100% OK with the rules

Connectivity: There is a very, very small chance that a neighborhood will have limited services available.

  1. Confirm internet access

  2. Find out what cable providers you can use

  3. Make sure your cell phone has reception

Light and noise: Having a fun neighborhood can be just as important as having a quiet neighborhood!

  1. Check to see how busy the neighborhood is both during the day, evenings and weekends

  2. Make sure there isn’t a super bright streetlight that shines right into a bedroom

  3. Listen for noisy animals…like a neighbor with a dog that barks all day


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