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Wiggleworks Kids Puyallup | JBLM area indoor play

So, after hearing so many things about

Wiggleworks I finally had some time to take the kiddos there. It is located inside the South Hill Mall in Puyallup just a short distance from JBLM. Yesterday was pretty cold so it was nice to have a warm area for the kids to get all of their energy out.

The kids had a lot of fun playing on all of the different toys and loved the light up slide and the balloon area. Wiggleworks had a nice area for parents to sit and watch the kids while they played if you wanted to. That doesn’t work to well for me since mine are little still. Only thing that was bad about the sitting area was that the big slide in the middle of the room was in the way of being able to see the area behind it.

They also have a nice area for snacks to be eaten and for birthday parties in the back. They recently reduced their prices so it wasn’t too terrible, I paid about $15 for two kids. They also have some snacks available for purchase and socks. Socks are required so make sure you have them or you would have to buy some. If only they had a coffee shop in there… :o)

One of my favorite things about going here was how attentive the staff was. They were on top of things when it came to helping any kid they saw in need. But my favorite thing?? CLEANING! Yes! I saw the staff walking around and cleaning throughout the time I was there. I loved that! We will definitely be going back!

PS. Keep your eyes open for deals to Wiggleworks on Groupon! I also suggest signing the waiver form before you go to save time. Click here for the Wiggleworks Kids Waiver.


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