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Why live in Lacey…

Real estate is a hot topic in Lacey, Washington right now. The city is literally “bursting at the seams” with rapid development pushing the boundaries of the anticipated urban growth areas. Thurston County is the most popular destination for Military home owners, and Is also becoming “close” for people commuting to cities north. The Lacey housing market reflects this expansion, and the upside potential is very good if you are a home-owner.

The population and economy in Lacey, as with the rest of Western WA, is one of the fastest growing in the country. Many things have come together to create this condition….Good, solid and long term things. The Military of course has had a huge impact, but is not number one.

#1 is the State Government, with the Capital in Olympia, and office sprawl in Lacey and Tumwater. #2 is the Lacey Industrial Park. Providing shipping and distribution via the port of Tacoma, for Washington, Oregon, Idaho and others. #3 is the Military, with JBLM being the home to about 45k active duty, plus dependents.

As you learn more about the JBLM area, you will see that Lacey sits astride I-5 just south of post. The commute is 20-30 min to just about anywhere on post, and there are alternative (Back) roads if I-5 is jammed. When I PCS’d to JBLM, I chose Lacey at the urging of friends. We had teenagers at the time, and Tacoma was not an option. Our Kids and Grandkids still live in Lacey.

If you look at your home as an investment, you couldn’t pick a better place to be…right in the path of growth. Areas to the north of post are much more “mature”, densely developed, and are typical big city/suburbs. The traffic you hear about is considerably worse north and west of post, as is crime.

The primary region of growth, and the place with the most upside potential in real estate, is south and east of post. Lacey, and the Olympia area in general, are the fastest growing communities in the State, and Lacey is a really nice place to live. I mentioned earlier that Thurston County is the location more and more for military folks moving here, Lacey is the most popular city, followed by Yelm, and the rural areas east and south of post.

If you would like more information, a relocation packet, or if we can start looking for your home….please let me know.

~ Phil


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