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When do you get something for nothing?

Home Buying

Free+Quality+Value=Buyer Agent

Your first response is likely to be “never.” Even today, this question has a positive answer when it comes to buying a home. Home buyer agents are free: plain and simple. The agent get’s paid from the seller’s profits for compensation of his/her efforts. This is a common fact with all buyer agents and it is in a home buyer’s best interest to take advantage of this free service. An agent knows the process, understands what to do when problems arise, if they arise, and are able to make the whole home buying process a lot smoother.

Your next question might be, “What kind of value or quality does this free service get me?” This is a great question, and a good reason to do your homework before choosing an agent. You first have to know what a quality agent is to know what a bad agent looks like. Phil Sharp is a great example of a quality agent for several reasons. Yes, as in all buyer agents, Phil Sharp as a buyers agent offers free services to home buyers. It is what’s beyond the free standard that sets him apart from other agents.

  1. Retired 1SG  – Phil retired as a First Sergeant after 20 years of service as a leader, motivator, dedicated service member and mentor. In serving his country and his soldiers, Phil acquired a dedication of service that continues as a Real Estate Broker. For military, this means he understands your situations, needs and family concerns. As any buyer, his experience in the military extends his qualities to provide you with a high level of service with the respect you deserve.

  2. Agent/Investor/Contractor – Phil not only has the experience of a real estate agent, but also as a real estate investor and contractor. Phil knows what a sounds investment looks like and will make sure you are investing your money wisely. Wouldn’t it be great to take along a personal contractor when you’re searching for homes?  With Phil, that is exactly what you’re doing. Phil’s contractor experience is at work for you when touring homes by giving you feedback and guidance when you have questions or concerns.

  3. Network – Phil Sharp is part of an extensive network. When you’re with Phil, you’re part of that network with full access. If you need a lender, home inspector, or any home buying needs, Phil’s got it. If you need information, have questions about the area, advice, or whatever, Phil knows it, knows someone who knows or will find it for you.

Now you think you know what a quality agent looks like, but you’re only half way there. Phil Sharp Homes wouldn’t be Phil Sharp Homes without its added value for customers. So, let’s talk value.

  1. PCS/Mover’s Assistance Program – Phil Sharp Homes gives you cash at the time you close on your home. No catch, just cash. A percentage of the sale price is given back to you and is at your disposal. Need money for closing costs, prepay taxes or insurance, or, how about a new washer or fence? Whatever you choose, use your cash when you close on your new home. Here’s the “but,” you have another choice; get cash AND a home warranty, as your second option. You have choices, you have cash in your pocket and you have value.

  2. Relocation Sponsor – What is a relocation sponsor? Phil Sharp Homes connects you with a relocation sponsor, Gina to be specific, to help you with your move. Not sure about the area, schools, commutes, special needs? Gina can help. If she doesn’t know, she will personally find the answers you seek.  Gina is not a sales person, doesn’t work on commission, and is ready to help you and your family with your move. She will send you a free Relocation Packet for free by U.S. Mail upon your request.

  3. Education – We’re not talking pamphlets and brochures, we are talking a library of information at your disposal. Phil Sharp Homes offers an extensive collection of real estate materials to help you gain the knowledge to make good choices in buying a home. Today people want to know, and Phil Sharp puts you “in the know” with relevant, quality and up-to-date information about the market, buying, processes and more. Read articles, visit the blog, watch a webinar, get the Tweets, find out on Facebook; Phil Sharp Homes is your one-stop-shop to learning about real estate.

Yes, you can get something for nothing. Just because buyer agents are free, doesn’t mean they are not quality or have value to you as a home buyer; if you know what to expect and have a standard for measure. Get the respect and service you deserve, get the Continued Service of Phil Sharp Homes. Visit for more education and information on buying a home, mortgages, relocation and more; they have the right tools for the job.


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