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Wapato Park | South Tacoma

I remember visiting this park years ago as a child and loving it. My parents used to take us out to breakfast and then to the park on the weekends during the summer. It was a little bit of a drive from Lacey, about 35 minutes or so, but that’s what made it so much fun as a kid. It was like a little weekend adventure that I looked forward to.

One night after dinner in Tacoma I decided that we should swing by this park and take our kids. Boy has a lot changed since I used to go there. It once was this little playground on the lake with not much else. Now, it’s a gorgeous park! The grounds are beautifully maintained and clean. The flowers were in full bloom and the weather was great (although a little chilly when the wind picked up near the water).

The kids had a blast and were sad to leave as early as we did, but it was late and technically past bedtime. We will be heading back during the day and packing a picnic with us so we can enjoy more of the park. There is so much more to do…

  1. Easy access to the lake

  2. Walking Trails

  3. Playgrounds

  4. Dog Park

  5. Wapato Pavilion (newly renovated)


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