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VA Compromise Sales Team; A Free Service of Phil Sharp Homes

A VA Compromise Sale, or a VA Short Sale, is a means of selling your home if you are upside down and have a VA home loan or mortgage.  The end result is that you are able to sell your home and be relieved of debt if you owe more for the home than what it is worth.

We have formed a team at Phil Sharp Homes, including a professional Short Sale Negotiator,  to effectively and efficiently list your home, market it to the broadest segment of the local and military community, and negotiate a VA Compromise Sale if needed.

If you are under water with your home, my services are free to you.  Additionally, I don’t make a living unless your home actually sells.  As part

VA Compromise

VA Compromise is a good alternative to foreclosure

of the VA Compromise negotiations with your bank and the VA, my fees and the fee charged by our professional negotiation firm are approved and paid for out of the settlement (preferable to the bank and the VA over foreclosure).

Please call me if you would like to prepare a VA Compromise Sale, or if you would just like to discuss your options.   I am happy to offer my advice and counsel with no obligation.  I can be reached directly at 360-970-9977, or by email:

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