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Thoughts on Finding the Perfect Neighborhood When PCS’ing to JBLM

Location, location, location! This is probably the number one rule in real estate. One of the most important steps of buying a home is scouting out the perfect neighborhood.  For those relocating to JBLM, and who have never visited the area, a TDY house hunting trip is a great way to check out the new location and get the housing ball rolling before you report.

The neighborhood in which you choose to live in will indeed dictate your way of life. Always keep you and your family’s needs in mind. Things like walking to nearby parks with your kids, good schools, feeling safe when your children play outside, being close to restaurants and shopping, enjoying a short commute to work, and knowing your home will someday appreciate.

The best way you can get started in your neighborhood search is to get in your car and drive around, especially if you are not familiar with the area. Get an idea about the neighborhoods by exploring and seeing which areas you like. Walk around, and if you get a chance talk to some of the residents.

Take a good look at the appearance and the surroundings of the homes. Are they well taken care of? Is the landscaping maintained? Are there lots of children around? Are there busy streets?

Make sure you have a good Realtor who is familiar with all the neighborhoods in the area. One should be able to tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of the specific neighborhoods you are interested in.

The school district you choose to purchase in is going to be very important even if you don’t have school aged children. The top priority for people with kids is good schools. You will have a better chance of attracting buyers when it comes time to sell if you are in an area with good schools.

There are many sites on the Web in which you can get school reports. A few of the popular ones are and Each state also provides their own specific school websites. Be sure to visit the schools and take a tour. You don’t want your decision based only on the information you have gathered via the internet. It is always a great idea to get a first hand account before making any decisions.

Crime rate is going to be another very important component in choosing the perfect neighborhood. No one wants to live in a neighborhood where burglaries and other crimes take place on a regular basis. This information is very easily obtained via the internet. You will want to check with the sex offender registry also to see if there are any offenders in an area that you are looking to purchase a home in. Also, keep an eye out for graffiti and bars on windows. If there is any question on a particular area, go talk to the local police or sheriff’s department. Your home is most likely going to be the biggest investment you ever make. You will need to consider more than just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You will need to consider the community first. The health of the community you choose is what is going to maintain the overall value of your home.


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