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Things to take House Hunting

When you’re ready to head out and look at those potential future homes, there are a few things you can bring along to make the experience more helpful as well as more efficient.  Packing a small house-hunting bag with these items will make sure that you make an informed decision and don’t forget the details of each home.

A Pad of Paper & Pen

This is useful for jotting down notes about each home, including things you liked and things you didn’t, and repairs that might be needed.  Simply write the address at the top, and then as you look at the property write down your thoughts and observations. Many people come home after looking at a few houses and can’t recall which one had the rosebushes out front or which one needed a new water heater.  The notes will make it easy to remember these details and keep track of which houses are your best bets.

Your Camera Most people always have a camera on them, so this should be an easy one to remember! Sometimes a picture is even better than a note.  Taking a few pictures of the home as you go through it (as long as the current residents don’t mind) can really help in making the decision later. Be sure to ask if photographing is ok, especially in a currently occupied home. It’s also helpful to take pictures of small details to help you remember, and even just a general photo from the street.  You can also photograph surrounding areas such as parks and schools.

A Measuring Tape Will your sectional fit into that family room?  Can you get a king-sized bed into the bedroom?  There’s

only one way to know for sure.  Measuring spaces lets you get a good idea of where and how your things would fit into a potential new home. Bring along a measuring tape so that you can make quick notes on the size of rooms as well as the size of doorways you’ll need to fit things through when you move in. This especially helps in vacant homes since rooms can look so different when they are empty. A Checklist Before you go, make a checklist of the things that are most

important to you in a new home.  As you look at the home for sale, check off which items it offers.  This will create a quick reference guide for you when you sit down to compare homes later. Especially if you look at a large number of homes, it can become confusing in hurry.

These few items can reduce confusion and help you to make the best possible decision when it comes to buying a new home for your family!


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