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The Old Cannery | Furnishing your new home at JBLM

Entrance to The Old Cannery

Entrance to The Old Cannery

Are you looking to furnish your place after moving to the JBLM area? If so, you must check out the Old Cannery in Sumner! It’s a little bit of a drive, but it’s less than 30 minutes from JBLM.

This place is awesome and fun for kids, a double bonus! my brother-in-law and his wife were looking to furnish the new home they just bought from Phil Sharp Homes and asked if we wanted to tag along. They have an amazing selection of furniture and decor that priced pretty well. The kids had a blast with all the fun things to look at and explore. We even visited the fudge shop and got some snacks for the little explorers and some fudge to take home. Along with a great selection, they also have TWO scratch and dent areas! You can find some pretty good stuff in there!

The children’s furniture area was by far the best part. They have a model train set up in there and the kids can press buttons to keep it going. Be prepared to send a lot of time in there if you have young ones! At the end of the day we had our two trucks loaded up to the top with a bunch of furniture for the new home…

They also have some events coming up!

Holiday Events:

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