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The Lacey Washington Community Snapshot

Swan Town Marina

Swan Town Marina

Lacey Washington is located north east of Olympia, the State Capital. As residents of Lacey we enjoy the benefits of being close to the amenities available in the city, and being part of a community that is rural in many respects. We have farms on the edge of town, numerous parks and recreation areas (the most prevalent being the Olympic national Forest), and the Puget Sound for salt water fishing and recreation at the back door.

The cities of Lacey and Olympia have grown in recent years to the point that their boundaries have run together. We have had a very large number of new homes built in recent years, as result of the recent run up in real estate prices; however, Lacey got on the map late in the game and prices didn’t go crazy. Lacey homes are still some of the cheapest in western Washington, with the median home price being about $230,000.

The local population is very diverse, many state government and military residents come to this area in the course of their work, and decide to stay. With increases in the size of government operations, both civilian and military, the community has grown tremendously, and is expected to continue it’s growth with the addition of new jobs, industries, and the continued presence of the Army, Air Force, and civil government.

I Moved to the area with the Army, put down roots and stayed. I ended up in Lacey primarily because of a fellow soldier, who had been stationed here. He recommended “going south” from the military bases for better schools, lower crime, and an overall better quality of life. I still think all of those things are true, my wife and I, as well as our two grown son’s and their families, are all residents of Lacey.


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