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TESTIMONIAL: Winning the Real Estate Lottery

Process expertise:


Negotiation skills:

We feel like we won the real estate agent lottery by finding Phil Sharp online. He is that good. Our situation is a bit unique as we are living in Europe and that complicates most everything in regards to a long distance home purchase, but Phil took great care of us through the entire process. Once we found our home, Phil moved quickly to ensure that we ended up with a winning offer. Unlike some of the larger real estate firms that drop out once their commission is guaranteed, Phil and his team offer very personalized services. The inspection service he recommended was extremely thorough and not lax as some of the other agents inspectors have been in the past in order to ensure the sale. Phil works hard for you and will do whatever it takes for you to get your home, but at the same time he is also looking out for his client. Throughout the entire process Phil was in close contact with us and even called numerous times long distance to Europe to touch base. Even after the sale, he has taken the time to follow up on how the move is going. Hire Phil- you will not be disappointed! He represents everything real estate agents ought to be.

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