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TESTIMONIAL: Phil accepted the challenge

We recently moved from Arizona to the Olympia area, and we knew that we wanted a house closed on and move-in ready the moment we pulled our moving truck into the city. That being said, we needed to do everything long distance. We wouldn’t even personally see the house until we moved in. Furthermore, we were first-time home buyers, so we didn’t really know what we were doing. Because of this, I thought finding a realtor would be very difficult, but Phil accepted the challenge and went above and beyond. His assistant, Stephanie, helped us find a house and once we decided to make an offer on one, Phil took over. He walked us through every step and explained what needed to happen and why, and he even did all of the leg work for us. He walked through the house with the seller and sent a lot of pictures, attended the home inspection, oversaw the inspection repairs, and he was very honest with us throughout the whole process. If Phil didn’t feel comfortable with something, he made sure we knew (i.e. specifically the inspection repairs, pointing out things that absolutely needed to be fixed or he didn’t feel “right” selling us the house). All in all, Phil and his team were fantastic and we are very satisfied with our house. I highly recommend Phil for a realtor, especially if you are military and/or PCSing to this area.


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