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We began looking for a home about 6 months before we were going to be moving to the area. I contacted Phil Sharp based on a recommendation from the JBLM relocation office. He was fantastic from day 1. This was out first home purchase and we lacked a lot of knowledge concerning the home buying process and what to look for in a home. He helped us to understand everything perfectly clear. He was patient while we changed our minds over and over about buying a new home or a fixer upper. He offered expert advice if he felt that something we were interested in wouldn’t be a good fit for us. He probably saved us a lot of time and money by helping us to avoid money pits. It took us about a year to find out home and I felt that he was genuinely excited for us to find our perfect match. We had to deal with a not-so-great contractor during the final stages of construction on our home and Phil was a great advocate for us so that we weren’t taken advantage of. We’ve been in our home for almost a year now and we still get cards and important reminders from him. I feel that he took such great care of us and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for their perfect home. Thank you for all your help Phil!

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For more information contact Phil Sharp | 360.970.9977

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