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Testimonial: Elizabeth Clapp Home Buying Experience

Phil exceeded my expectations in a realtor. He very quickly picked up on the types of things I was looking for in a house, and catered our search to what he thought would work for my budget and lifestyle. He provided me with a folder before we went house hunting. The folder was filled with a plethora of very helpful information, especially for first time home buyers like myself. Because of the information he provided me, I felt knowledgeable about the things to ask and search for when looking at houses. Phil bravely took on the challenging task of helping an out of stater buy a house in Washington. Not only did he make the home buying experience as easy as possible, but he did favors that anyone in my position would appreciate immensely. In order to approve the loan for my house, I was asked to make some repairs. Phil helped find someone to do these repairs almost immediately and at a very reasonable cost. He made sure everything was taken care of a soon as possible. He was present for all inspections and stayed in close contact with me throughout the process with frequent updates. He also did little things like make sure the refrigerator was unplugged when the sellers moved out. Phil has offered to check up on the house until I can move in next month, and that just shows how he has gone above and beyond a realtor’s duty to a client, and really made the home buying experience positive, exciting, and relatively stress-free. Needless to say, I purchased my first home, and it is nothing less than my dream house! I can’t thank Phil enough for all that he has done for me. I would recommend him to anyone.

—  Elizabeth Clapp  2LT, RN, U.S. Army  Madigan Army Medical Center   (2009)


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