Should You List Your Home In The JBLM area Now Or In The Spring?

Should You List Your Home In The JBLM area Now Or In The Spring?

Listing Your Home For Sale

Homes are selling within days or weeks of listing, there is a shortage of single family homes in the lower price ranges (up to 300K), should you list your home now?

My recent experience with listing clients (mainly folks who have purchased home with me in years past), is that they are waiting for a little more price appreciation, and plan to wait/List in the spring.  While that is a good strategy on the surface (higher price=more $), my concern is that we may see a glut of new listings in the new year.

As you would expect, there’s 5 years of pent up demand in the market…which has pushed prices up dramatically this spring and summer.  The pent up demand is not just first time is all sorts of buyers and sellers; folks who what to trade up, folks who want to down-size, and those who just want to do something as an investment before the market totally recovers.  So what I am saying is there are a lot of sellers waiting in the wings…

This winter will present a good market for sellers because inventory is low and demand is still strong.  A surge of new listings in the spring may well put a damper on things…only time will tell.

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