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Ruston Way | Tacoma Waterfront


View of the water from the playground

Ruston way is such an awesome place! I love taking the kids here for a bike ride during the week when it’s a little slower. Sometimes on the weekends the path is pretty packed and makes riding a bike (especially one with a trailer hauling two kids) a little difficult. When we ride down there I start at the Chinese Reconciliation Park (which is beautiful) and then ride all the way down to the playground at Point Ruston. There the kids get a chance to play for a while and I get to stretch and relax. Then we head back and stop about half way to throw rocks in the water (something the could do ALL DAY).

There are so many restaurants down there with amazing food and places to buy fresh seafood, ice cream, coffee or grab a cold beer (all different places, don’t worry no salmon ice cream or crab coffee)! One of my favorite places to dine down on the water is the Lobster Shop. My husband and I have gone there quite a few times for our anniversary and way back in the day we went there for dinner before prom!


Such an amazing view…I could look at this all day!

I have yet to check out the ice cream place because I always forget to throw my wallet in the bike trailer. Luckily my kids can’t read yet so they don’t know that they are missing out on ice cream cones! Next time I will remember to take the wallet! I highly suggest making some time to head to Ruston and checking out all that it has to offer. Click this link for directions to Ruston Way from Ft. Lewis. To see more photos of Ruston and other activities around the JBLM area, make sure to check out my Facebook page, JBLM Relocation Sponsor.


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