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Phil’s Story: Understanding Military Moves

   Phil Sharp Homes was created as a Real Estate Brokerage catering to the needs of the Soldiers and Airmen assigned to Joint Base Lewis McChord.  Having PCS’d several times during my time in the Army, with both good and bad experiences, my wife and I built our business from lessons learned.  We have tried to use those lessons learned, the “wish I knew that’s”, and of course the good experiences to create a relocation real estate business that that stands above the others.  Our success has come from anticipating and mitigating the surprises, providing education instead of assumptions (for you), and communication not just about real estate, but about moving to JBLM.

Effective communication has always been a big part of the equation in the real estate business.  Every transaction includes multiple players, each with different timelines, info requirements, and levels of involvement.  Your realtor is the Action person that is expected to keep the entire process moving forward, keep all of the players on common ground, and keep you informed.   From the time that you contact us, thru the closing on your home, you can expect regular and timely communication.

  1. Initially, Jen Warren, our Relocation Sponsor, will reach out to you regarding area information, schools, employment, etc.  Jen is a local native, and prior to coming to work with us was the editor of the Olympia and Tacoma Newspaper Real Estate pages.  Jen offers her personal/lifelong perspective on the area, is a local home-owner, and she puts out a great Relo packet by US Mail…just send us your address.

  2. Stephanie Sharp (my daughter in law) is our Listings and Transaction Manager.  Stephanie spends a large portion of her time searching for and sending listings to our customers.  Her function has become especially helpful in sorting out what is real and what isn’t on Zillow and similar sites.   

  3. I am available to discuss all the above…real estate related or other.  I hope to make contact with you prior to your arrival, just to answer questions and discuss your needs.  I am also available if you have questions about the installation, local communities, or pretty much anything else.  As the Broker, I do spend most of my time house hunting, so if you don’t reach me, leave a message, text or email me.  360-970-9977,

  4. The first step in the home buying process is to get pre-qualified for a home loan.  Just because you have VA eligibility/VA cert does not automatically mean you have a loan.  The VA guarantees your loan from a mortgage lender.  I have spent years finding who I think is the best lender around…If you need to get pre-qualified, I would like to refer you to the best liked VA lender in the area.

  5. We provide listings in real time & accurate listing information. As I mentioned earlier, Stephanie manages listing searches.  She works at it full time, and our clients love the result.  With your basic “must have” criteria, Stephanie will start searching the market using the multiple listing service (MLS), not Zillow.  She will send listings that are updated in real time, when they are sold etc.  With your feedback, she will learn what you like, what your needs are and what you would like to avoid. Essentially, she acts as a concierge; I promise you will be impressed.


HOUSE HUNTING BEGINS Gayle and I always house hunt together, here’s why…

When we begin the house hunting process and start looking at the houses both my wife and I will be your personal guides. She PCS’d alongside me (and our sons) throughout my career in the Army so we shared all those experiences. When it came to looking for a place to call home, she had her priorities, I had mine…we complement each other when house hunting.

Gayle is a retired military spouse, and her experience speaks for itself…she is a great help with looking at a home from a functionality and family raising perspective.  Her insight on living within the community, commuting, schools, and recreation is invaluable.

My role at this point is tour guide and realtor.  When house hunting, you can expect me to be focused on homes from an investment perspective, as well as looking closely at quality of construction, state of maintenance (or deferred maintenance) and value. Once you identify the home for you, my job begins.  Stephanie and I will manage the process thru the inspection, appraisal, and closing. We keep you up to date on everything that is happening, ask for signatures when needed and then the best part of the job…handing you the keys to your new home!

*It is not uncommon for us to view 15-20 homes in a single day.  As you work with Stephanie, more listings are better.   I have found that the kind of house hunting we do when relocating is totally different than if you have weeks or months of time on your hands to leisurely look for a home….you want to view more homes in order to gain a better feel for the market, and of course find a house.


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