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Housing market still active, direction “positive” | Via NWMLS

Are you considering putting your home on the market but think that you may have

missed the season? Think again! According to the newest press release provided by the NWMLS, the market is still looking good! In the article there are statements such as “The market remains just as intense as July” and “We expect a repeat of conditions from last winter when every available home that came on the market in areas with a shortage of inventory received quick action (NWMLS 2016).” This winter might just be the best time to get your home sold quickly. Give me a call or email me and we can discuss your best options.

Market Activity Summary – August 2016

Thurston County Housing Market                                                New Listings: 617 Total Active Listings: 1,121 Pending Sales: 651 Closings: 494 Average Price: $287,800 Median Price: $269,000

Pierce County Housing Market New Listings: 1,975 Total Active Listings: 2,987 Pending Sales: 2,040 Closings: 1,576 Average Price: $310,029 Median Price: $283,225


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