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Helpful Hints for Keeping Your Home Pest and Rodent Free

Dealing with rodents can be expensive and extremely disgusting!  According to they can threaten our health and interfere with our economic and physical well being.  I thought it would be great to give some helpful hints on keeping your home pest and rodent free.

  1. Be sure to keep all pet food off the ground and in sealed containers.  Once you see that your pet has eaten pick up the dish.  Rodents love to hoard pet food.  The best way to store it is in a garbage can with a tight fitting lid.

  2. Make sure all trash receptacle areas remain closed.  If you keep your trash can under the sink or in a closet be sure those doors close properly.

  3. Keep your garbage to a minimum.  You may have to take a few trips to the dump before your weekly garbage pickup but it will be well worth it.  Nothing is more appealing to a rodent than an over flowing garbage can.

  4. Your crawl space cover needs to fit properly and be in good repair.

  5. Make sure all your crawl space vents have screens.  The cable guys love to knock these off while running your cable.

  6. Be sure to keep all of your food off the ground.  Just because you have room on the floor of your pantry that does not mean you should store food there.  Use these areas for non food items.

  7. Keep your lawn and landscaping neat and clean.  Cut back large trees and bushes.  Over-grown vegetation provides a lot of food and shelter for pests and rodents.

If you are purchasing a new home keep some of these tips in mind and plan ahead for any extra costs for preventative maintenance.  If you are an existing home owner share these with your neighbors.  If they have rodents you better believe they will be coming to your home next.


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