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Hands On Children’s Museum | Olympia, WA

Are you looking for a place where your kids can have a blast and wear themselves out? And (BONUS) it’s indoors! If you are looking for such a place then you need to head on over to the

Hand’s On Children’s Museum in Olympia, WA. There is SO MUCH to do here, it can be a little overwhelming. I recently went here with my two kiddos and they couldn’t ever play together, so that made things a little difficult for me since my daughter is only three and my son is not quite two yet.

There are lots of different sections for the kids to play in on the main floor and then there is an upper floor with even more! Upstairs is a small kid area where you can actually block them in so they can’t leave. I tried that for a bit but they wanted nothing to do with it! Upstairs also has the arts & crafts areas and the party rooms that are available. I did my daughter’s second birthday there and it was pretty fun.

Outside there is even more stuff to do, weather permitting. The weather was not cooperating when we went so I don’t have too many pictures of the outside. Here are some of the pictures I took…

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