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Fort Worden | JBLM area camping trip

Fort Worden was an active US Army base from 1902 to 1953. It was purchased by the State of Washington in 1957 to house a juvenile detention facility. In 1971, use was transferred to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and Fort Worden State Park was opened in 1973.

The extensive system of large, abandoned bunkers are available for exploration. The state park includes the Puget Sound Coast Artillery Museum, a balloon hangar that was used for airships, three 3-inch anti-aircraft gun emplacements, and several restored quarters on Officers’ Row. The Point Wilson Lighthouse is also located here.

The Commanding Officer’s Quarters have been restored to reflect the early 20th century Victorian period, and are open in the summer for tours. You can also rent houses along Officer’s Row!

Advanced camping reservations can be made through the Washington State Parks reservation system or by calling 888-Camp-Out (888-226-7688).

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