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Financing Options for Your Buyer

Home Buyer Financing Options

When you buy a car the dealers have in-house financing options available for your purchase. This makes it convenient and assures your purchase will go through in a timely manner. You trust the dealer you have chosen to work with has identified the best financing options for you.

Why not do the same when selling a home? We market your home with a financing plan in place. As part of my marketing plan for your home I team up with a local lender, Ward Lending Group, that has been a pillar of the local business community for the past 20 years. We prepare loan data and promote incentives for potential buyers that will make them more confident about purchasing your home.

When a prospective buyer views your home online or in person, they will be exposed to materials explaining that we will help them obtain financing, along with rate and payment information that demonstrates just how affordable your home is. Many buyers, especially first time buyers, are intimidated by what seems to be the daunting task of obtaining financing. We provide them with the knowledge and information to remove the fear of rejection and show buyers they can get financing. We are prepared to make transactions happen for the buyer which helps you sell your home.

“Our buyers DON’T fail due to qualifying/financing.”


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