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Ethnic Celebration 2014 – St. Martin’s University, Lacey WA

Ethnic Celebration at St. Martin’s University

St. Martin’s University held the Annual Ethnic Celebration. There were lots of vendors selling goods, multicultural artworks and lots of yummy food! First place I had to stop was Paella Pros, I love paella! They must have been doing good because they were all out of the seafood paella but I got to try the vegetarian one and it was amazing! They are going to be at a few events at Ft Lewis here in the near future. Unfortunately I was stuffed at the paella so I didn’t try and other food but it all smelled delicious! I saw Paco’s Tacos, which I know is great and a little crepe place that look really good too.

Paella Pro’s was delicious!

The vendor’s had everything from Bonsai trees to balloon animals and a 12th man station for kids to show their appreciation of the Seahawks! There were about 20 vendors or so, all with very nice displays.

Troupe Rashaad

After checking out the vendors we headed over to watch my step-mom perform with her belly dancing group, Troupe Rashaad. The kids love to watch her dance! It was a fun event and I’m glad we went!


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