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Email Response From Gina , Relocation Information

Owning a new or foreclosed home

Email to Gina


I was communicating with you and Phil a few months ago about my upcoming PCS to the area.  I’m expecting to arrive in August and will most likely choose to live in the area for a couple months before beginning my home search.  However, I would be interested to find out if you have any resources that might help me assess the areas that might be preferable to start my search.  This will be my first home and will be a rental property if I am PCS’d out of the area, so I would be interested to find out what areas would be the best options for schools, security, and nearby amenities.  Also, I’ll be looking for a 3 bed/2 bath home and am curious to know what the average home size in the area.  I would appreciate your office’s perspective on what I should look for or avoid when searching for a home.  Thank you in advance for your assistance and I look forward to working more with you and your team in the future.

Gina’s Response


Thanks for your email.  One place you should check out is  They also have an office downtown that would be great for you to visit when you get here.  The people are really helpful and all the information is free.

The best area for rental potential in my opinion is Lacey.  The location is great because it’s close to the military bases, State Capital, and Universities.  Lacey also has the good schools and nearby ammenities that you are looking for.  I would avoid purchasing a home North of Fort Lewis and the Lakewood area.  If you do decide to look at properties in Tacoma stay away from the Hilltop area near St. Joseph’s Hospital.  If you want something more rural and a more affordable you could also look into Yelm.  Just remember a home in Yelm may be a little harder to rent out.

The average 3 bed 2 bath house is approximately 1800 square feet and can cost anywhere from 200k-250k depending on lot size and condition.  You will also probably notice that if you want a larger lot size you will need to buy an older home.  Most of the newer homes are on very small lots.

Since you are looking for a home with rental potential you will want to look at what homes in that particular area/neighborhood are renting for and compare that with your possible mortgage.  3 bed 2 bath homes in Lacey generally rent for between 1200-1400 a month just to give you an idea.

Did you want us to start sending you listings that fit your search criteria?  Even though you are going to rent first it may not be a bad idea since your move is right around the corner.  Just let me know and we would be happy to do so.  I hope this is all helpful.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  We look forward to helping you find your new home.  As always, thanks for your time.

Regards,  Gina


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