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DuPont, WA FAQ

Q Aside from the obvious (close to post), what is the appeal of living in DuPont?

A Easy access to the freeway is the appeal to DuPont aside from it being so close to JBLM.

Q Are there employment opportunities for military spouses in Dupont?

A There are actually lots of employment opportunities in the service industries. There are also a couple of large corporate facilities in DuPont. State Farm, Intel and Amazon are the largest businesses in DuPont. Of course there are also lots of jobs just down the freeway (both North & South), or across it on JBLM.

Q Is everyone who lives in DuPont in the Army?

A Just a guess, but I think the military population of DuPont is 60-70%.

Q Is there a back gate into North Fort from DuPont? Is it usually open?

A There are multiple gates in DuPont. If you have been to Ft Lewis before, you won’t recognize north fort, a lot has changed. Here is a list of the gates:

  1. DuPont Gate: Open from 0500 to 2100 7 days a week. The DuPont Gate is located just south of the Fort Lewis Main Gate and visitors center just off I-5 exit 119.

  2. Integrity Gate: Open from 0500 – 1900 Monday through Friday and closed on all weekends and federal holidays. Located off of DuPont-Steilacoom Road and Wharf Rd just off I-5 exit 119.

  3. 41st Division Gate: Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Located just off of I-5 exit 120, this gate allows military personnel to access the North side of JBLM.

  4. See all gate locations

Q Are there lots of homes for rent in DuPont?   How is the rental market?

A There seem to be a very large number of homes for rent in DuPont. I believe that during the most aggressive growth of DuPont (2003-2007), prices spiked beyond reason. Some folks, who borrowed too much, can’t sell and have been forced to rent. A market condition that will correct itself over time.

Q What does the average home cost in DuPont? Do you think it’s better to rent or buy in DuPont?

A The average home price in DuPont is around $294,000 and the average rent is a little more than $1700 per month. This means, that if you are in the position to buy – you are WAY better off! With a home cost of $294,000 the average monthly mortgage using a VA loan with $0 down is about $1600 per month (this includes property taxes, homeowners insurance and an approx HOA fee of $100/mo). This is an estimate using an example of someone with good credit, an interest rate of 3.461% and a 30-year loan). If you need a mortgage lender, I can help with that! Take a look at current DuPont WA homes for sale.

Q Is there shopping in DuPont? I was told that I would have to go to the Commissary, Lakewood or Lacey for any grocery stores, large stores or malls.

A There is no grocery store in DuPont but there are a lot close buy. In Hawks Prairie (north Lacey) there is Costco, Safeway and Winco. Shopping is a short drive from DuPont, but there are no major shopping facilities in DuPont. The closest are actually the commissary and PX.

Q Does the Freeway make DuPont noisy?

A I have never really noticed the freeway noise in the residential neighborhoods, most are set back behind a hill mass, or behind the Ft Lewis Golf Course.

Q Are more new homes going to be built in DuPont?

A There is still some new home construction going on in DuPont, but there are not a lot of home sites left.

Q Is there access to the salt water in DuPont? Water front homes?

A There is no waterfront in DuPont, but there is right up the road in Steilacoom….which has some beautiful old homes.

Q Are there golf course in DuPont?

A Yes indeed…The Home Course and Eagles Pride Golf Course. The Eagles Pride course is also home to a Samuel Adams Brewhouse.


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