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Don’t put that tin foil at the bottom of your new oven…!

     I learned the hard way that not reading the owners manual for my new stove was a big mistake.  Usually I take the time to skim through the owner’s manual for new things that I buy but when I bought my new appliances I just moved into the house and I didn’t have time.  I ripped those packets out of the appliances and threw them in the drawer, forgetting about them…. Until now!  Most people don’t know that in new oven’s they have a heating element under the floor.  In the past I have always put tin foil down to catch nasty food that spill and burn at the bottom of the oven.  This makes it easy to clean in the future, no scrubbing just replace the tin foil.  Big mistake…      Since there is a heating element under the bottom floor pan, when placing tin foil down there, it heats up causing it the tin foil to melt.  You don’t notice until it’s too late.  I thought I was doing a good thing by being pro-active and protecting my new investment.  It was the total opposite.  After google-ing this topic, I found I am not the only consumer that has made this mistake.  And there is absolutely no way to remove it.  When’s it’s melted, it becomes part of the enamel.  Scraping it with a knife or razor gets up small parts but leaves behind scrape marks on the bottom.  At this point, I don’t know what’s worse; having melted tin foil smeared on the bottom or having scrape marks.  And for all you that are thinking in your head, “tin foil doesn’t melt”.  Yes it does! And this was the Reynolds tin foil, not the cheap stuff either.      At this point after talking with Frigidaire, which the only comment they had to say was, “It’s in the owner’s manual, didn’t you read it?”  My comment back was, “Since most people are not aware of this “new technology” in new stoves, maybe you should put a sticker at the bottom warning your customers about this!”  I have just decided to live with it for now.  The stove still looks very pretty on the outside, just not when you open the door.  My husband’s ideas were to either spray the bottom with some enamel spray paint, which I am against because I don’t want to void the warranty for altering the product or to find a cookie sheet to fit on the bottom to cover it up.      To close on a good note… if you do happen to make this mistake, the floor pan is easy to remove with only two bolts at the back and you can replace it for about $50 bucks.  At this point, I am against putting money into the stove that I only purchased two months ago.  In the future, if it still bugs me I will contact Frigidaire and buy a new floor pan but until then…. I have to stare at my mistake everyday.


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