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Commuting to Ft. Lewis; The Mounts Road Gate is Open!

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, in an effort to reduce traffic congestion on Interstate 5, has opened a new gate on Mounts Road (Old Nisqually) in order to serve commuters coming from Parts of Lacey, East Olympia and the Yelm area.  This gate is not accessible from I-5, and drivers attempting to exit onto Mounts Road and enter the gate from the north will not be successful.

If you commute to Joint Base Lewis-McChord from the south or east, in order to access the gate, you must get on Mounts road from either Yelm Highway (the Nisqually Cut-Off) or from Reservation Road.  Travel thru Nisqually, and enter the gate on the right just before getting on the freeway at the Mounts Road Entrance (across from the Ft. Lewis Golf Course).

I traveled this route earlier this morning, and was happy with the result.  The new gate will help reduce congestion on I-5, but it is not the fix all.  As more and more folks use the gate, lets hope that the situation continues to improve.  Please comment about your experiences with the new gate below….information regarding the commute from Yelm and East Olympia/South Lacey would be useful to people PCS’ing, especially to Ft. Lewis.


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