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Claiborne’s: Phil does this for more that just $$

Phil and his wife are absolutely fantastic!!!!! I have heard terrible stories about realtors and had personal bad experiences myself. Most of them only care about their %. Phil does this for many other reasons then just the $$. He genuinely cares about you and your needs. We encountered SEVERAL obstacles during our home buying process. Offers falling through, appraisal issues, etc. Phil helped us through each issue and knew exactly how to handle it. I especially, was very discouraged from finding what we wanted. Washington is COMPLETELY different then anywhere I had lived. He educated my husband and I and explained the different areas, structure of houses, etc. In the end everything worked out and we have a fantastic home. People don’t believe me when I say how wonderful they are. In doubt, at least give him a call. Phil and his wife are wonderful and make you feel like family.


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