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Buying Vs. Renting in the JBLM Area, Phil’s Response

Email to Phil about renting a a home in the JBLM area.

My husband just found out we are going to Fort Lewis last night so I began my search for info on the place. Coincidentally we are in Germany also. This will be our first REAL PCS move so I am trying to figure out all that I need to know. I am not sure we are looking into buying a home right this minute we just got all our bills paid and have a car payment but most likely in the next two years we would be interested in buying a house but like I said not sure. If you do help with rentals that would be amazing. We are particularly interested in the Lacey or Olympia areas.

Phil’s response.

Thanks for your email.  I want to be up front with you and let you know that I don’t manage rentals.  I do sell homes, and although this sounds like a sales pitch…this may be the best time to buy a home for the rest of your life!

I would certainly consider buying, and speak with a mortgage lender before making the final decision.  Right now, in the JBLM area, you can buy for considerably less than what you can rent for.  For example, a decent 1800 square foot home can be purchased with a monthly payment of about $1100, rent for the same home would be $1350-1400.  A very unique situation, that will not last.

If you do move forward with renting, I can refer you to someone who manages properties.  If you decide to buy, I can refer you to a local Mortgage lender who will counsel you on best courses of action and who can give you exact $ numbers.

Respectfully, Phil


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