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Buying an Un-Finished Foreclosure Home from Builder

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

A: I would not recommend finishing out for a builder. There are plenty of finished homes that are distressed, and finishes are the most expensive part of building….typically, you can buy it for less than your total cost would be if you finish it. Also, if you finish it yourself you will void any warranty. Builders, even if they go under, are still required to warranty what they built under Washington law. In a situation where the builder is in trouble they have a bond to cover the warranty. In a nutshell, unless your work will return $2 for every dollar spent, you are probably going to be better off buying something that is finished and has a certificate of occupancy. You would not even be able to live in an unfinished new home, until it is finished and then inspected by the city. Also, a lender is not going to lend on an incomplete home, you won’t be able to get insurance unless you are a contractor etc. etc.


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