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Buying a Home With a Private Well and Septic In the JBLM Area

Wells in this area don’t go dry…which is an issue in some parts of the country.  Wells in this area do have lots of minerals, which may require a filtration system to keep the minerals out of your laundry and dishwasher (personal choice).  People drink the untreated water (the reason you hear people talking about “good” well water, is that the minerals actually make a difference), and treat water for clothes and dish avoid spots on dishes, and in extreme cases, staining of clothes.  A typical water softener costs $600-1000 installed.

With a well you have no water bill.

With septic you have no sewer bill.

Septic systems built in the past 20 years are essentially bullet proof, but you do need to have them pumped every 3-5 years, at a cost of about $400 (still cheaper than sewer).  The only component that can fail is usually the pump, which will last about 20 years, and the cost to replace is around $1000.  You may have heard of problems in years past with clay pipes and other components that corrode.  All components are now plastic.

Hope this helps…

R, Phil



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