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Buying a home in Clearwood, Yelm, WA

 A: The drive to Clearwood is a long one.  Homes in Clearwood are priced accordingly.  It is a great community, but it is a 10 mile drive outside of Yelm on a two lane blacktop.  I take probably 90% of my PCS’ing buyers to Clearwood for a look….and about 10% end up buying out there.  Best case drive from main post is 30-40 min.  With bad weather, or at peak traffic time, it could be an hour.

 The back (Roy) gate is on hwy 7 north of McKenna (you will see a sharp bend to the right in the road, that is Roy).  Going thru Roy reduces the drive by 1/3, and from Roy to Yelm is not bad…it’s the drive from Yelm out to Clearwood that is painful.

 When you arrive, I will take you on a tour of the different areas surrounding post and will show you Clearwood as well.  It’s always an option.  Best bet is to make a decision once we go for a look.

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