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Anderson Island, Washington

Anderson Island

Anderson Island

We have a lot of people ask us about living on Anderson Island and the commute to Joint Base Lewis-McChord so I thought I would write this quick post about it.  Please keep in mind that this is only my opinion.

Anderson Island is a great place to visit but I wouldn’t recommend living there if you are commuting back and forth off the island on a regular basis.  The ferry ride is only about 20 minutes (a little longer if they have to run to Ketron Island) so that’s not too bad if you wanted to do it.  Keep in mind that you do have to arrive at the dock about 20 minutes early.  From Anderson Island to Ft. Lewis can be up to 30 minutes depending on where you need to be on post.  Another issue is that there is no major store on the island, only a small store with limited supplies available.  So, there you have some of the drawbacks.

As far as life of the island, it seems great.  Nice and quiet with not too much of a population.  I have been visiting the island on and off since I was a kid and have always had a great time.  Everyone has always been very friendly (including the ferry staff).

I recently visited the island with my kids. Below are some of the photos. To see more photos of Anderson Island you can visit my Facebook page.

Have more questions on places to live around JBLM? Feel free to ask! Call Jen at 360-970-6913 or send me an email:


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