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10 Tips to Cut Your Energy Bills

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

2. A simple step we often ignore-replace or clean your AC vents once a month.

3. Don’t leave your bathroom ventilator running  longer than necessary, as it can drain your entire house of cooled or heated air in about an hour!

4. During the summer keep your drapes closed in the heat of the day.  In the winter keep the south facing window drapes open.

5. Make sure all windows are caulked and weather-stripped to save 10% on your heating bill.

6. White window shades or blinds will deflect the heat away from your house.

7. Lower hot water costs by installing low-flow shower heads and faucets.

8. Insulate your water heater and set its thermostat at 115° F.

9. You can cut up to 50% on your lighting costs by replacing 25% of the bulbs in your  main-use areas with fluorescent lighting.  Fluorescent lights are more expensive but also last six to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.

10. Plant trees ASAP.  Well-placed trees will not only lower your energy costs but will increase the curb appeal of your home and make your yard a more enjoyable place to be.


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