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Personalized Service by Phil Sharp:

Owner/Broker of Phil Sharp Homes


Phil Sharp is a top performing Real Estate Agent and investor in the Olympia and Fort Lewis Washington area.  As an agent with Abbey Real Estate Inc., Phil is on track to meet our goals for 2009 by mid June, having completed sales in excess of 5 million dollars during the winter and spring of 2009.  Phil and his wife Gayle also put their “money where their mouth is” as co-owner’s of Sharp and Sharp Holdings LLC, a family real estate investment company.  Phil’s role in the company is of course that of realtor, with abundant knowledge of real estate ownership issues, negotiation and finance in his back pocket.

“In 2004, after 24 years in the United States Army, I retired as the Ft. Lewis Garrison First Sergeant, responsible for the health, welfare and supervision of approximately 500 soldiers and civilians engaged in the day to day operation of the installation; to include Public Works, Schools, Housing, Airfield Operations, Installation Engineering and Training Ranges.  During my first years at Fort Lewis I was assigned as a First Sergeant in the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division.  I was then assigned to a position on the Corps Staff, and upon being offered the job of First Sergeant at USAG, decided that it would be fun, and that working at the garrison level would be good experience prior to my retirement”.

Phil’s Real Estate business, Phil Sharp Homes is state of the art.  Relying heavily on the use of technology and the internet, Phil is able to meet his clients and customers needs efficiently and effectively and without wasting time, especially yours; as a realtor catering primarily to families that are making major relocations, sometimes from overseas, Phil has both the personal experience as a soldier, and the professional experience as a realtor, to be especially qualified at serving the needs of all of his clients.   Having served our country for almost a quarter century with integrity and commitment, Phil is the perfect choice for top notch service.

“I really enjoy having the opportunity to continue to work closely with military people.  The best part of this job is that a large percentage of my business is with Soldiers and Airmen, we can relate to each other and I have special insight into military life and lifestyle.  I have also made enough Change of Station moves to know how uncomfortable it is to be a transient; you want to get settled ASAP with minimal hassles.”

Phil initially started in real estate as an investor, and as a real estate agent working with other investors.  He built his reputation with investors thru his own success as a property owner, and by hosting real estate investing conferences and luncheons in Olympia.  Phil has published numerous articles and editorials on real estate ownership and investing in the Olympian Newspaper, and has been featured on KING5 (NBC Seattle), as an up and coming realtor in a unique market.

“I have been excited about real estate in Olympia for a long time.  I first visited here while with the Army in 1989, and I saw the potential in the real estate market then.  Olympia is situated directly in the path of growth in western Washington.  With Puget Sound to the west, mountains to the east, and Interstate 5 running thru town, Olympia is destined to continue its phenomenal growth based on geographic location, a steadily growing economy, and the fact that Olympia is the seat of the state government.  Add to this the outlook for a major continued presence to the north by the military and I see the makings of a fantastic real estate market for the long term.”

Phil’s reputation and track record in the local real estate industry, and his experience working with people throughout the local and military communities, set him apart from his peers in the real estate industry, and make him a unique choice for recognition as Featured Agent.

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