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JBLM Area: Buying Tips


The internet is the logical place to start your search for a new home. Real estate web sites, this one included, offer access to the Multiple Listing Service, information about the market, and all other aspects of the home buying process. The similarities in real estate web sites do not carry over to the agents that own them. I write my own website content, and hope that in doing so I am able to demonstrate my knowledge and experience in order to win your business. Many realtors' web sites carry "template" content; boiler plate that costs them $49 per month is intended to mislead you into thinking that they are "experts". Ask your expert to "prove it", if he or she can’t, move on.

I find that more and more clients don’t really want me to find them a home; they find the home, or a list of homes, through my site. We then work together to select the best home on the list, make and negotiate an offer, secure financing and see the transaction through to closing. My point is that anyone can drive you around town to look at homes (and most won’t get lost); you want to hire a realtor who knows the business, the market, and is able to steer you clear of trouble. The neighbors’ cousin may be a wonderful person, but when I hear about people hiring a realtor because of familial status, I can’t help but wonder how they got hooked up with their family doctor, banker etc. A real estate transaction can involve more money than most of us will ever hold in our hands, hiring a professional to represent you is good insurance. Better yet; the services of a buyers agent are normally free, mine are.

More than ninety percent of home buyers start their home search on the web, and ultimately find a realtor to represent them the same way. As you visit this and my other local web sites, each geared to a specific area or market, I am sure that you will find information and resources that are useful…If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact me and I promise to assist, no strings attached. Even if you don’t want to use a realtor, you can still call or email, and I may learn something as well. If in the future you decide that you need the services of a realtor, I only hope that you will think of the nice guy with the free advice….

Contact Phil today to find your next home, or use our quick and easy registration page and search the MLS.

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