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Joint Base Fort Lewis-McChord Washington Area Real Estate

Phil Sharp Broker

Veteran Owned -Retired Army1SG


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Fort Lewis WA Real Estate | Professional Home Buyer Representation

Fort Lewis Wa Real Estate | Professional Home Buyer Representation & Homes for Sale

by Veteran Army Realtor Phil Sharp 1SG, Retired

Fort Lewis, WA Map Link to Map Quest

Fort Lewis Washington Real Estate and Homes for sale presented by Phil Sharp, 1SG, Retired…Fort Lewis-McChord AFB (JBLM) WA PCS, Relocation and Housing Information. 


Phil Sharp JBLM Fort Lewis Real Estate Agent BrokerWill you be PCS’ing to Ft. Lewis or McChord AFB (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) in the near future? I offer my services, and those of my team, to members of the armed forces in the Lewis-McChord area, and have done so since my retirement from Fort Lewis in 2004. My business is built around supporting military members PCS’ing to Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB, may staff and I have experienced many, many PCS moves, and our goal is to educate you on the Ft Lewis area and home buying process, expose you to all of the homes in the area that meet your needs, and get you into a home as quickly as possible.

My name is Phil Sharp, and I am a Real Estate Broker in the Fort Lewis and McChord AFB (JBLM) area in western Washington. My service area essentially includes the perimeter of the base (Joint Base Lewis-McChord), in Pierce and Thurston County WA.

In addition to bringing the Army Values with me to the private sector, I also operate with a clear plan for each of my clients. The plan is based upon my   experiences during many PCS moves, and recognition of the fact that time is of the essence. Whether you are TDY for house hunting, or trying to get settled prior to a deployment or school, you expect the undivided attention of your agent while looking for and closing on your home, and I assure you that you will get that attention from me.

When the time comes to get serious about talking with an agent, Please give me a call. In the meantime, be sure to make use of the resources I offer both on the web and thru my staff:

Phil Sharp, Broker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 360-970-9977  

Stephanie Wagner, Listing and Transaction Mgr: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 360-455-1366  

Jen Warren, Relocation Sponsor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 360-970-6913  

Phil Sharp

Value by Continued Service

Please   click the map to search all Fort Lewis area Listings, If you would like for us to search (manually) for you…just let Stephanie or I know.

                                                                       Fort Lewis Agent Homes For Sale Search

Today's real estate market is a buyers market, but in the case of attractive well priced homes, it can also be considered an "aggressive" sellers market.   While over priced homes, distressed homes, and homes in need of repair may sit on the market for months; homes that are appealing to buyers because of price, location, or any number of other reasons, are selling fairly rapidly.

If you own real estate that you're thinking of selling, I would be happy to provide you with a FREE Home Evaluation

 Free Home Warranty With Every Home We Sell!! Continued service, after the sale.

Fort Lewis Wasington Homes for sale; Fort Lewis Real Estate; Fort Lewis Real Estate Listings


Fort Lewis and McChord AFB (JBLM) Communities and Living

Fort Lewis Washington, renamed Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) in January of 2010, is the most highly requested duty station throughout the US Army. Fort Lewis offers a large range of assignments, for all career fields and pay grades. JBLM is also expected to become the largest military installation, by population, in the US within the near future.

If you are relocating to Ft. Lewis, WA (The name has stuck, JBLM has become an equal, but alternative name for the base). The terms base and post are also both commonly used (however, base is a term not familiar to Army folks until recently). Regardless of what you call it, JBLM is the most requested assignment for a reason. The list of things to do within driving distance is longer than my arm, and it is diverse to the extent that you can surf within a 3 hour drive from the ski slopes (but the water is cold).

The housing situation at Ft. Lewis, both on and off post, offers something for every lifestyle. If you are into the big city, either modern or old craftsman, you will find it in Tacoma and suburbs. If you are looking for a more rural setting, horse farms, and small town character, Roy and Yelm are great communities located just out the back gate. Yelm and Roy are separated from the freeway (I-5) by Fort Lewis and McChord, which makes them specially located for people who work on post. Both are growing very fast, and are distinctly different from the larger cities north and south of base.

South of Post on I-5 are the communities of Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater. Lacey is the most popular destination for military families living off post. Prices   are reasonable, and the commute to all of the gates on I-5 can be made in 15-30 minutes. The furthest destinations in Olympia and Tumwater can take 45 minutes depending on traffic. When looking for homes for sale, remember that mailing addresses can be deceiving. There are Olympia mailing addresses to   the north of Lacey that are actually closer to post.

About the closest commute you can get to Ft. Lewis main post is either Dupont or Lakewood. Both are nice communities, with Dupont being predominately newer. If you are looking for a home in Lakewood, make sure you are working with someone who knows the various neighborhoods. If you are interested in Dupont, it doesn’t get much more convenient, but it does get a bit more expensive. There are a large number of homes in construction and homes for sale in Dupont.

Kind of like Mt. Rainier, which creates its own weather patterns, Ft. Lewis and JBLM creates it’s own economy and real estate market. The real Mountain View from JBLM Fort Lewis Real Estateestate market around base has remained relatively strong throughout the economic downturn. Home values have declined over the past couple of years, but not nearly as much as in other parts of the country…or other parts of Washington for that matter. In addition to Joint Base Lewis McChord, the local economy also gets a big boost from the Capital of Washington (Olympia), and commercial activities related to the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle.

In light of the strong economy, growing population, and stability of JBLM and the State Government, the long term prospects for home buyers in the Ft. Lewis area are very, very good. In fact, I believe that the opportunity for service members who are able to obtain low interest, zero down payment VA loans, coupled with depressed home prices, is better than I have ever seen. It won’t last forever, but if you happen to be on orders to Fort Lewis or McChord AFB, your timing for being a home buyer couldn’t be better.

Your PCS to Ft. Lewis Washington....

I Have a Plan

Phil comment JBLM Fort Lewis Real EstateWould you like to learn more about the Ft. Lewis area real estate market? Are you considering purchasing a home when you arrive at Ft. Lewis? The Ft. Lewis and McChord housing market, either for rent or ownership, has remained strong during the economic downturn, as has most of the Western Washington real estate market. In order to make you more competitive as a buyer, I like to start the home search and prep process several months before your move, so that you will be thoroughly familiarized with our housing market and area.

Fort Lewis,   McChord AFB, Boeing….All Are Growing Beyond All Expectations.

Fort Lewis creates it’s own “micro economy” within about 30 minutes of post, and   adds significantly to the demand for housing in the area. Overlooking Tumwater JBLM Fort Lewis Real EstateSoldiers stationed at Ft. Lewis compete with government employees working at the State Capital in Olympia, and competition for housing also comes from Boeing employees to the North in Graham and Tacoma. Additional demand for housing is being created by the large number of companies relocating their distribution hubs from CA to Washington; Target, Home Depot, and Costco to name a few.

If you are moving to Ft. Lewis, and you are considering purchasing a home, you will find that I offer a plan that is designed to fit the needs and time-lines of soldiers and families PCS’ing to Ft. Lewis. I have a staff of three assistants with the mission of assisting you and your spouse learn about the Fort Lewis area, schools, commutes and other information:

  • Ft. Lewis area Real Estate Listings...we do this manually
  • Relocation Packets by US Mail
  • Relocation Sponsor to help prepare for your PCS to Ft. Lewis
  • Maps of the Fort Lewis area including gate locations
  • Ft. Lewis BAH Rates and housing info
  • Real Estate Market Reports and Newsletters
  • VA loan qualification assistance

Call or fill out one of my online forms if you are PCS’ing to Ft. Lewis, I promise you a clear plan, and a commitment to finding you a home in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Fort Lewis WA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular areas off post for home buyers   moving to Ft. Lewis WA?

A: I have found that the top three areas to purchase a home in the Fort Lewis area are Lacey (Hawks Prairie especially), Yelm & Roy, and Spanaway/Graham. Each has it’s own pro’s and con’s.

Q: What is the average home price in the Ft Lewis area?

A: Prices are a little higher to the south and east of post. The average home price in north Thurston County is about $220, 000, which includes Lacey, Olympia and Yelm, The average in southern Pierce County is   about $200,000 (Spanaway, Graham, Lakewood….Dupont is an exception).

Q: What is your opinion of home prices in Dupont WA?

A: Dupont is a great community just outside of the gate, also very convenient to the freeway. Location is important, and is what has held up property values in Dupont…but I am concerned about the large number of listings that turn into rentals….homes that wouldn’t sell.

Q: How far is the commute to Yelm Wa?

A: There are a couple of routes to reach Yelm, from the north thru Roy, or from the south via the Nisqually Valley. A large percentage of recent home construction in Yelm has been on the south end of town, so the southern route is more common. Depending on time of day, the commute is 20-30 minutes.

Q: And the commute to Lacey?

A: The closet part of Lacey to Ft. Lewis is called Hawks Prairie. I lived in Hawks Prairie prior to retirement, and was 15 minutes to the post headquarters. The max drive anywhere in Lacey is about 30 minutes.

Q: How do I get started searching for homes for sale?

A: Stephanie is our listings coordinator. She is available full time to manually search for homes for sale in the Fort Lewis area. Stephanie knows the MLS like the back of her hand, and is familiar with every listing in the Ft Lewis area. She will work with you for up to 6 months prior to your house hunting trip to ensure that we have listings and a good plan in place before you get here.

Q: Can you help me get qualified for a VA loan…what do I need to do?

A: The pre-qualification process is easy and can be done over the phone. While I am not a VA lender, I have worked with one since I PCS’d to Ft Lewis. . Visit our Mortgage Dept.  page for more information.

Q: Can you explain the entire process of buying a home at Ft Lewis…or point me to someone who can?

A: I wrote a document called the “Home Buying Process From Start   to Finish,” check out the Home Buyers page for detailed information. Or, check out my video playlist on the Media Room page for buyer details.

Relocation Dept.


Visit our Relocation Dept. to get personalized info & help in moving to Fort Lewis-McChord and surrounding areas. Get your personalized relocation packet and contact your personal Relocation Sponsor, Jen Warren. Click the button below to go!


 HelpButton for Relocation Services JBLM Fort Lewis Real Estate


Joint Base Lewis McChord Real Estate on Facebook

During my 25 years in the Army, my family and I made numerous PCS moves, both accompanied and unaccompanied. My experiences PCS’ing, and   working with various realtors around the country, taught me a lot about how to be a good realtor…and how the not so good ones operate. I have used these lessons learned in building my business plan and my business. I hope to share   the good with you.

Not everyone understands the unique circumstances of a military move, or the urgency that military families face due to pending deployments,   schools, and duty requirements. Since my retirement from the U.S. Army in 2004, I have continued my service to soldiers, airmen, and their families making the move to Fort Lewis and McChord AFB.

What do you value? Is it honesty, trust, dedication, knowledge? Your values are my values. I understand what makes your situation unique and use that knowledge to create a personalized plan to help you with your relocation. You can expect attentiveness to your needs, communication that suits your expectations, and relevant information that is helpful and up to date.

Feel free to contact me with any question or concerns you have about your move. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regards, Phil

Relocation Packet Request

I will Send you a relocation Packet containing the following  information about Joint Base Lewis McChord, as well as information provided   by Pierce and Thurston Counties. You can probably guess where I got this   idea...And I promise you that my relocation program actually works.

Relocation Packet Contents:

Pierce and Thurston County Visitor Guides, Area Maps, Washinton Visitor Guide, Area Lodging, Recreation and Community information, and other stuff as it becomes available.

Email or call Jen, Our Relocation Sponsor, if you have specific questions or to learn more: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,   360-970-6913

Fort Lewis Washington Real Estate information and homes for sale. Need information about what to expect when you PCS to Ft. Lewis Wa? I offer real estate education and information to the Soldiers and Airmen   Stationed in western Washington, both at Ft. Lewis as well as other military installations in the area.

JBLM BAH Rates: JBLM, Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB BAH rates; The Tacoma WA BAH rate is the BAH rate used for all personnel assigned to JBLM.

Ft. Lewis Housing: Fort Lewis Washington Housing information is available on this website. For the Ft. Lewis Housing OfficeNew Relocatuib Packet Fort Lewis JBLM Real Estate serving all of JBLM, please visit the Ft. Lewis website or call housing directly at 253-912-2150.

Your PCS to Ft. Lewis Washington: Information about your PCS to Ft. Lewis is available here, and on my blog, the JBLM Real Estate Guide.

Get More PCS, Soldier & Spouse Info. From the Buyers Page and Relocation Dept.If you are PCS’ing to Fort Lewis, and would like to work with a real estate agent experienced in helping military families find housing; I would love to be your agent.  I retired from Fort Lewis in 2004, after working in 1st BDE, 1st Corps and USAG.Fort Lewis is the Army’s force projection platform for the Pacific region, complemented by the 25th ID in Hawaii.  The 25th has its 1st BDE located on Fort Lewis and is subordinate to 1stCorps. 

For information on other Tennant Units of Fort Lewis please refer to the links below.My opinion of Fort Lewis is that it is one of the nicest duty stations in CONUS.  The recreation opportunities are endless, as are employment and education opportunities for family members.  I can remember in my career looking forward to assignments that would allow me to ski, boat, fish etc.  You can do it all here; we have the largest city in the northwest less than and hour away.  Salt water fishing in the Puget Sound (the ocean is an hour and a half); Skiing at Snoqualmie Pass is two hours, and Portland is two hours south. Prior to obtaining housing you are required to check in with the Installation Housing office.     


Fort Lewis WA Information and Directory


Fort lewis real estate and homes for sale in the communities surrounding Ft. Lewis and JBLM WA. If you are PCS’ing to Ft. Lewis in the near future and are interested in purchasing home in the Fort Lewis area, you will find that the housing market is great for home buyers. Fort Lewis BAH rates allow for soldiers assigned to Ft. Lewis to own a home for less than rent, and less than quarters.


Fort Lewis area BAH Rates


As part of your PCS to Ft. Lewis, you may wish to check in with the Ft Lewis housing office for the availability of housing or “quarters”.…If you need to find out the BAH rate for your pay grade, follow this link to a Ft. Lewis and Tacoma Wa BAH chart. BAH for the JBLM (Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB) area is based on the Tacoma zip code 98433.


Fort Lewis WA Housing Office


If you are PCS’ing and wish to contact the Fort Lewis Housing office, located in the Waller Hall Central In and Out Processing Facility. The phone number to the Ft. Lewis Housing Office is 253-912-2150. Housing at Ft. Lewis is currently managed by a private contractor, rents equal your BAH rate, and a lease is required. Numerous new and existing family housing units exist at Fort Lewis, with the goal being to have approximately 5000 individual housing units available by 2012.


Are You Selling Your  Home in the Fort Lewis area?


If you are looking to sell your home in the Ft. Lewis area, I offer what I believe is the best exposure to the military housing market at  Ft. Lewis. If you are considering listing your home for sale, and it is  within 30 minutes of Ft. Lewis, I would like to list and sell it for you. If you are interesed in selling your home, and would like a Market Analysis of your home to determine it's value, you can reach me thru this website, or by calling directly at 360-970-9977.









Get Started Here - Fort Lewis Home Buyers Toolbox & First Time Home Buyer Education

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Fort Lewis McChord AFB (JBLM) Homebuyer Tools and Education Video

Fort Lewis McChord AFB (JBLM) Area Info & Recreation Video

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